Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Triangle UFO Corn Dollies page 7 - 'TheWiltshire Rubber'

This is a section from a new book - "Triangle UFO Corn Dollies" by Joel Drummond, who runs a publishing empire providing books for money.
"This corn dolly is heledricle in shape, and appears to be made out of rubber. According to the man that discovered it, in a Wiltshire field, it was left behind by a visiting UFO team on their way to make corn circles. "I reported him to the council but they weren innerested look", not bothered etc.
Part of the thing is invisible, suggesting that it exists in parallel dimensions, just showing the tip of the thing sometimes, and the rear plinth when it becomes overexcited.
The whole dolly is only 2cms in length, and I have used a bee to show the shape of him. What is also of interest, is that the man who found him was also small enough to fit inside a pen."