Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Friday, 24 February 2012

KLF live, Knighton Community Centre, 1972

I was sent this one from the internet visa versa Wynn Price - thanks lad. He says it shows the pop group performing their hit 'The Sideboard Song' in Knighton town horse in the early 70's. I looked this up and queried the date with Wynn who passed me onto his father, old farmer Chedwyn who was at the concert. He seems to think they might have been called 'KC3 and the Dave Band' but as he was well oiled he can't quite remember.

"I picked up this ol' fag packet after the gig look see, Chas Drummond 'dropped' him..."

I have examined the packet (Players No. 7) and there is indeed a badly written set list on him. If this is correct, and the whole thing isn't some farmers idea of a UFO hoax, then the set list is as follows:

1. Space intro (keep it going for a bit)
2. Ravey bit (get Big Margaret on)
3. Justified and slightly Left Aligned
4. Doctor in the Hospital
5. Sideboard Song


6. Cake Circles ( experimental new song, don't know)
7. Drummonds Bees
8. Gertcha (Welsh version)
9. Noises for the leg
10.The Shape of You (12inch DJ runnybotham mix)
11.UFO Valves (over excited version)
12.Graham Norton/Danny Baker
13.Feedback/go home


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

owl horse pyramid

Owls are divsects, and otsolitary with Graham Norton strapae. Owls are Knighton for a gttriharacterizet bird oicalllitarsanda, most of gidae/beak cider. Most are a group of birouls arpreenl0 extanAntarctilooooo heh. Owls is the bae. Dey is da library.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Tiny horse UFO show

Found this on that You Tube thing the other night, some old boy put him up:

"I witnessed the glowing hors over the fields of radnorshire it was like a mental UFO"

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Russian Jet Fighter crosses UFO before Crash

Mind Flight - Freaky Stick Aliens

Aliens, owls, sticks, triangles, courtesy of Mind Flight from the forthcoming album *write something here*

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dubstep Dancing Zardoz (Kington Pyramid Remix)

Actors with weapominators, supping an imp with grain. Zed (Sean Cootanery), an ex-head container bottle breams a circle via an unknown horse. Excerpts toss-pilot, Arthur Frayniall Buggermself as an etproinatohiw and apparently hands one to Graham Norton, in thed himlmself, touching a triangle lightly with a pen.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Who is this Owl

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Top Secret UFOs over Radnorshire

The Circles of Dennis

The Circles of Dennis, or 'Dennis Circl' were thought to be a series of massive, invisible mystery temples located near Radnorshire UFO hotspot - Builth Well. Hovering several feet above farmland, and at their centres were tiny glass horses, one of which, so we've been told is in the private collection of Lord Toffee Bopper. They are thought to have been constructed via dreams and levers by the same tribe responsible for the fabled Kington and Radnor Forest pyramids. More on those at a later date lol.

Historian Agnes Martiyes, already half way through her first book on the subject "The Dennis Circles of Danny Baker", with calendar and associated merchandising deals secured described the circles as "A wonderful opportunity for money".

We asked Carl Barnard, lead singer with local space band Mind Flight how this would affect sales of their forthcoming album based on local cosmonolgy. He said "I PUT AN AMIGA HARD DRIVE....ON EBAY AND IT ONLY MADE 4 QUID HAHAHAHAHAHA. DO YOU SELL MATCHES?"

Summary: A circle is hreeeee parts: long as theudeFGts boberln inside you, the points outside the circle and the points on the Danny Baker inside, but not Graham Norton. Rhaame a radius, diameter and glass horse, Peter. All Council diameters are asxtends into th po5 inches ÷ 2 = 2.5 incheints the same distance from its flat. but suggested that local magic circles mustn't get over excited. What are AC and DG? Heh. They refused to comment.