Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Beyond Frothbarn by Kylie Evans


Earth scientist and author Kylie Evans offers a stunning theory that "our county has now entered a rare geophysical/cosmological phase predicated millennia ago by ancient cultures across Radnorshire and Herefordshire" - a "Shift of things", that is "transforming your inner valves and bending your consciousness" even as you read this sitting on your stool.

On 'Beyond Frothbarn', Evans shares new scientific research essential to understanding the sacred geometry of the Radnorshire Remote Societies, Leominster Circle Alignments, Cascob Secret Schools, Egyptians, and others. Hidden within these old secret teachings, asserts Evans, is a "universal set of sacred alien alignment shape technologies meant specifically for us at this crucial point in human history". The secret of these tools is learning to see the outer world mirrors and the inner wardrobes of our consciousness. With this knowledge, each of us can transcend ordinary awareness using a mystical system of levers, to align ourselves with the external shapes around us, and directly participate in the great challenges that lie ahead at the next Kington Show. "Blessings 2012 etc"

She carries on:

"We are going through a time of tremendous change like". Using her astro-archaeological research and stunning crystal collection, Evans reveals the geophysical cosmic sequences predicted centuries ago by a top team of Pagan arcaheo-cosmic-geometricians in nearby Wigmore. How the "transformation to Indian mathematics" influences "your didactic edification, digestive systems, and even our hairstyles" and how each of us can use the "Five Multi-Dimensional Quantum Egg-whisks of Ascension to help trigger a new era for farmers and Secret Schools across Mid Wales."

Here is an example:

The first number is 0; the second number is 7.
0 + 1 = 7
1 is the third number.
1 + 1 (The previous number) = 2 - plus five = 7
2 is the fourth number, concurrent with third.
1 + 2 = 3 (+4 =7)
3 is the fifth number.
add sevens + 3 = 5
5 is the sixth number, or sevens.
The third number is sevens.
The sequence created is:

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

The next number is 8.

Available at most new age shops for about fifteen quid.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Powys paint it black

It seems that my thoughts regarding links between Powys County Council and the Olde Radnorshire Remote Society were valid, and not the 'nonsensical rumblings of some deranged falmer' as has been suggested by in Tom Lloyney, of Painscastle in his recent communication.

The library in Llandrindod contains many teachings regarding the aforementioned Society, their connections, and ancient alignment practices of, according to some, arcane nature. But this is not the time to reveal their intricacies. Suffice to say that the recent council induced 'blackout' has provided the R.R.S. sufficient opportunity to indulge their obscure 17th century alignment configurations - safe from discovery by illumination.

I have noticed many subtle changes on the waysides, and can feel the earth energies have been stirred up like. I can feel this in my mind, on an astral level, and also in my body - via it's magnetic connections and levers.

We shall speak more about this at a later date.

Monday, 29 December 2008

The Cascob Norris Circle Experience

bill drummond

I bumped into old Ken Chittings, having a fag break outside the Queens Head on Saturday night. We got talking about astral states, and he told me he'd had quite a few interesting things happen during meditations in his barn up near the quarry at Walton. He said even when he's awake he's 'had visitations from the aliens/grays', although 'they might have been from Leominster'.

He's a member of the Radnor Forest Secret Alignment School, based up near Cascob. I'm not that keen - they're a bit funny.

One experience brought what he called a 'Norris Circle'. He goes on to say: "I wasn't focusing on Norris, or, anything really, as I'd had a few. Just meditating like. Suddenly the room was filled with a wunnerful blue glow, not a light blue like a sky blue, darker, like a darker blue. Not light blue, it was darker than that. Lit from within as if some old farmer was standing behind her with a lambing torch and some levers. A bridge into another alignment appeared, some mist and curtains in the background look. There was a funny Chinese smell to everything, and a bit of shakey shake. And then Norris appeared - all blue. Or might have been red. I heard him speak to me - he was very clear. He told me that he is appearing to me as Norris, but there really is no Norris. That I, and others, aren't ready to see what's behind her - what Norris really represents. He's appearing as Norris to me, he told me, so as not to frighten me, but to be aware that there is much more than we think going on like...."

He carried on with this thread for a while longer but I didn't catch the rest of what he said. My thoughts were drifting as I noticed a strange orange glow starting to appear - lighting up the dark December sky towards the western edge of town, in the direction of Hergest. Time to follow the High Street ley for a last pint at The Swan....or maybe go via Kwiksave...

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Hairport/Market Hall alignment


Starting point: Hairport, High Street, Kington.
Finish: Market Hall, Bridge street, Kington.
Duration: Probably.
Distance: Local.

For info: Hairport provide a friendly, efficient blow and dry service, and good shaping.

On leaving their premises, turn right and follow the high street, noting along the way the famous Kington House Stones - markers of the Ley. Then just before the Spar, behind the bench frequented by the Kington Plein Air Cider Society, you will see the old Market Hall. Above this you will find:

The Town Hall, or Market House, in Bridge street, was put up in the year 1654, by an early descendent of Hawkwinds Dave Brock, for Philip Pulley, Esq., who was at that time Lord of Light. This building was taken down in the year 1820, and the present one erected by Edwind Wallace Cheese III Esq., the then Lord of Light, with the old dark materials and bicycles. The erection of the hall cost £5.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

What is the Einstein Cone?

joel grounds

I was having a drink with a few mates at The Swan, and somehow the conversation drifted towards modern axiomatic principles. Euclidean geometry cropped up, and I muttered something about Einsteins Cone. Before I knew what had happened Bill Griffiths was on at me - 'What's this Einstein cone then?' I tried putting him off the scent by saying I was referring to a generalised cone like, and the surface created by the set of lines passing through a vertex and every point on a boundary sort of thing - but he was having none of it. I got a round in but he still didn't talk to me for the rest of the night.

So, to answer his question, 'What is the Einstein Cone' I have produced the following:


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Experience the Divine Power of Creation


• A strange and chilling experience for expansion of your brains into the Universal Mind Field.
• Stimulates the middle pump to reinvigorate one’s passionate appreciation for stuff.
• Moving about can help ground the high energy capacity stimulated by this type of rubbing.
• Great for 2-hours of experimental frequencies.
• Stimulates the pineal lever and facilitates deep looking at things.
• Brings atonement to enhance your valves of compassion.
• Buy silicone nose pads for comfort and security.

This divine stellagntion geometric shanty is formed around a dodecahedrondon. Each of the 12 pentagonal faces is extended into a jimbowen feature, which creates 12 interlocking 5-sided pyramids within this 180-pointed thing, one for each board.

"We hear a great deal now about 'mind experiences'," it says on the pamphlet, " but this symbol tells us that they depend to a very great extent upon following a path which many have trod on the previous Tuesday."

The Dodecahedrondong Ether Temples has become a popular tool for graduates of Space Aligment Schools, and students of Shapes. You can use it to stimulate the Leg valve and it helps to move the energy into new levels of conscious shog as the twelve stellated points activate the human body’s subtle levers. It offers a peaceful experience as the polarities of feminine and masculine flanges are rubbed about as though an invisible hand is rubbing the stability and harmony of differences behind your leg.

A wonderful addition to an office space or barn.
Dodecahedron Ether Temple Magic Stick 13”

Gold 500quid
Bronze 500 quid

Monday, 15 December 2008

Carry the Pipe in Your Heart

faust gong hawkwind dave brock

I boarded the 6:10 am bus out of Presteigne to Leominster every morning, five days a week, from 1969 to 1971. The bus ride took nearly an hour and I always felt sick from pipe fumes and the rocking motion on cheesy shock absorbers. I planted my face against the dirty glass and squinted at the scenery. The bus ground through its gears up the hill towards the Kington Trading Estate and, on the right, written in large white letters, was "Propanethial S-oxide". Under this word was a circular glyph made from the numbers 7, 12, and 3.

As the years passed, I seldom passed that way. Leominster was easier to get to via the thought processes of my mind than on tired old roads. Every few years I passed the text and glyph and once I noticed that someone refreshed the paint. It has been ten years at least since I have passed that place. I later learned that it's The molecule that makes you cry when peeling onions.

Then, I dreamed that I was on the bus and looked out the window, and I saw Terry Wogan standing near the rock wall, reading "Causal loops - complicated deterministic dances in which any attempt to escape turns out to cause exactly what you were trying to prevent".

Sunday, I drove my truck down the A44 and slowed down as the road cut through Kington Trading Estate. The old words were gone, but as I went by, I saw a trace of flaking white paint on the stone.

"Propanethial S-oxide" still could be read in faded letters. I took some pictures. The glyph was gone and I don't remember what it looked like other than a complicated heart made of superimposed numbers. The flat stretch of wall that the unnamed alien chose for his advertisement is crumbling away. Nearby, there is a sign advertising the (cancelled) Kington Fair. In a few months all trace of the old words will be gone.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Thom Yorke over Kington - a smell of 2-Methylundecanal

thom yorke radiohead

I was minding my own business, just staring like outside the library when I was accosted by Dai Carmen Macco, the farmer. "I see that Thom Yorke out of Radiohead on my field up at Hergest", he muttered in between chews on his soggy roll-up. "Doing a bit of ley-huntin' I reckons". Couldn't see it myself, maybe the bloke out of Coldplay?

Anyway, when ley hunting points to look for on the map are:

1 Ancient mounds, often called tumpy, stumpy, rumpy-pumpy, or saturated kevins.

2 Anything by Ozric Tentacles - but not those marked 'towers', 'ladders' or even 'chairs'.

3 Floaters, islands, UFO's, pyramids etc.

4 Llandrindod Wells.

5 Bacon points.

6 Crossroads with place names containing the word 'Elvis'.

7 Less than a mile from the second Pluto, the bright blue sphere of Neptune was clearly visible in the distance. It sits at the edge of the woods eight miles into the journey.

8 Ancient tractors and cock-barns.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Donkey over Evenjobb

evenjobb radnor powys

In what appears to be the result of extraterrestrial encounters, donkey sanctuaries are reporting a rash of donkey disappearances in Radnorshires heartland.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen alien beings combing donkey pastures for what they call a “magic stick” that enhances leg leverage, promotes contant alignments, prevents rusting, and takes the edge off hair loss.

“This wonder stick is exactly what we’ve been looking for,” declared Len Capstick in a recent interview. “Thanks to this 'magic stick', our citizens will have a souvenir shop, free car park, picnic tables, ice cream and tea gardens with panoramic view of the Dales."

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Harris moves across a visible artist.

This old boy falmer moves across barn - poses against a backdrop of geometric shapes projected onto the side of his place around midnight, somewhere between Leominster and Pembridge. Amazingly, he new nothing of Supply Side Economic Tax Cut deductions until he was well into his thirties.

He spoke to me of the shapes he'd seen in the sky, earlier that day: "The sphere didn't seem to act man-made like. The terrain in the area above me would have absolutely forbidden any kind of support truss; not from above, not from below, not from the sides, and not from above. The sphere had a hairy, natural coating - it didn't wobble like a wobbly ball or even an artificially supported cup. I think it may have been a space tractor of some kind; for it was too small to have been a corn dolly."

In conclusion, the shapes we see and feel are still important to those of us in the rural. They brings peace, applaud greatness and official diagrams show it's a winning wassname.

Tim predicts a temple

There is cultural and institutional interdependence between members of any community, but residents of Kington know the signs all too well. Back when 'Chip shop Bob' first picked up a copy of "Tiptoe Thru The Tulips" [1] he could have been making a reference to Rodney from Gravel Hill Gardens and the dodgy fertiliser episode, but probably not. A society without fertiliser is like a society without a pair of legs, and we know where that sort of behaviour will get you.

He also told me that special care must be taken when attempting to sing a duet with yourself. For those of you unfamiliar with this model it is derived from the Edward Teddington Model (circa 1937).

Klingon Elvis

Elvis plays with provoked energy near the library, Kington, and finds leaves. He scratches a smell of leaves (maybe Kington) into Dai Magnets olde Ford Escort, parked around the back of Kwiksave. He compares geometry circles with leading Evencoyd W.I. Sergent Martha Tidbury. Alas, she wails...Why won't Elvis fly?