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Charlie Chuck on James Whale

Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Crop Circle Ship - Blueprints in the Crop Circles

Old Les sent me this one, he says he found a crop circle in his filed last night/ but more about that later. Anyway: - The Crop Circle Ship - Blueprints in the Crop Circles:

Friday, 21 August 2009

The pie of the circle of your face lecture

bill drummond klf

On behalf of Dtikler I went along to a drafty hall in Evancoyd, for a lecture on 'the pie of the circle of your face' by 'The Shuffler', a professor of geometry and gasses.

The evening started with what I'm reliably informed as 'The Quartz look' which is part of a protection process before starting the thing. We all sat in a circle around 'The Shuffler' and asked to close our eyes ......I kept one eye open in case of any jiggery pokery hokery bum. There was a smell of cow in the air. 'The Shuffler' commenced his lecture. I managed to sneak in an old reel to reel Sanyo tape machine in my pocket and picked up some of the lecture transcribed by me below:

....the enlargic Age ended much later thaement scale - factor is your standard 24% rubber. To ascertain this scwe4tor, hahaha, circa 1500 B.C., one has to draw in a right-angled triangle for hair (slightly under the thing) UFO faces that are rather special, which form the one-tenth angle at the centre of the lever, beneath the cusp, and reaches out to touch two adjacent levers; resembling the shape of a pen, quite possibly...pens.

Then the cosine gives her the ratio in size of the tweleyharaytor mention that I'm not over-excited... and Behind the Rubbery Grinder amazighly 4:5. on the telley. Happen that look pi/5 = phi/2 see (NB Equations having both pie and phie are rather special, and pie, as they are both 'transcendent-look' numbers which go on forever and Jen (BB9 UK) has really weird teeth? (never repeat.)

Look, where pies/5 is one-tenth of a circle shape or 36°76 Aberystwyth University Bookshop. Heh, closed. The interviewees also wore an extensive variety of bow ties. Piri Reis wrote on his map 'Dragon" bones, teeth and horns', probably anciently of the Arrrrphcian Canatanititoenies, the maps secured from the library in Kington at Alex before it was ransacked by the locals, then taken to Leominster (lol), but they did excitedly mention that the map amazingly shows please don't touch me Lorrie Barnes describing a stench of leaves....

At this point the tape became entangled on a packet of Spangles in my trouser pocket causing a bit of a ruckus, unfortunately missing the best bit which I'll try to remember once I've sobered up a bit.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Crop Circles and Time Cycles

Sounds like The Gaffer:

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Alien Angles - a game of alignments and UFO geometry

The Vicar just sent me this one. If you like games, and aliens, and...erm...angles, then you'll love this free tub. Click the link for the full rub:

Practice estimating angles with this fun geometry game. It's not as easy as it looks.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Danny Baker in UFO film

Les sent me this one. An amazing film of a ufo to silence the sceptics. This is the most compelling evidence yet look 100% genuine you can see the whole geometric thing of it:

You can see the full shape of them, and if you looks very carefully a few hunnert frames in then now you can see a photograph of celebrity TV chef Danny Baker (see tape below where he's debating the kaleidoscope as a distillate condensate in terms of "Dirac's hole" to think that if "Leominster" is introduced in the axiom(matrice) then it presents the geometrical necessity of movement in her shapes of non euclidean thinking) in one of the 'portholes'.


Poached Rubber Prawn & Egg Salad
Freshly cooked Levers – Marinere / Garlic
Prawn Cocktail with 'Special Cream' Sauce
Homemade Soup of the Face
Potato Skinheads with cheese & a nasty sour dip
Home Made Pate with Baldness
Garlic Mushrooms Vegetarian Gruel

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sacred Geometry in Crop Circles

Sacred Geometry in Crop Circles - nice photographs of the sacred corn shapes, and some lovely music by them as well:

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Like a circular hairstyle but on the ground

The Vicar's found another one:
Reported by aliendrip on Monday, January 29, 2007 at 2:45AM Lucton time:

Last summer I was up in Luctons look when a freak storm passed through them. I slept through him but he almost blew the roof ledging, just by the edge of the rood ledge, off of a local barn? When I got up, from behind the grass, just under them, I noticed the field to the right of the barn, just back from the road but slightly to the left of the old tracter had a huje circles in the corn blown down in a shape, and the circles were across the whole of the thing see. Sort of like a circular hairstyle but on the ground AND THERE WAS ALSO A STENCH OF LEAVES

I felt calm and didn't get over excited like I normally do, which is a bit funny. He aksed me if I had been pregnant recently and I said no I am a man.

The tin flew off in the direction of Leominster just like they usually do. I don't think they were from the Radnorshire remote committee as we're over the border? But sometimes the border creeps over the hedges and behind them. Not under the river edges, or borders ledge but beside them just past Hafren Furnishings. Actaully it could have been the council but I don't really want to say any more curtins closed or they might take off my pilotts lisensc off of me I'm not over excited

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Elvis crop circle, near Evancoyd WI

elvis crop circle

Mad Kev just sent me in this one. Him and a few local boys were out paragliding, apparently, and one of them took a photo of this crop formation in a field near Evancoyd WI. Kev's brother Jezza (who wasn't with the paragliders, but is a bit of a rock and roller) reckons it's the spitting image of the king of pop, Elvis Presley. Personally I can't see it at all. If anything it's probably the king of levers Morrisey but yous can make your own minds up about it look.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Monday, 3 August 2009

Investigation of Triangle Centers

crop circles

In this section of their exploration you will be asked by him to explore the altitudes, angle bisectors, medians, and perpendicular levers of a triangle in shape. You will be able to make conjectures about the behaviour of those very special segments that he keeps hidden in his special cupboard, next to his secrets.


* Construct the attitude to side AC through vertex B via Kington.
* Directions for construction of an attitude to style.
* Script for constructing hairstyles via a glass horse.
* Construct a second shape in the style of vertex A.
* Make a stench at the intersection of these two levers.
* Construct the third ridge through vertex C, behind the ledge of C.


1. When you constructed the third shape, did it touch your gasses?
2. Write a conjecture about the way your levers intersect on a plinth.
3. Move one vertex of the boys UFO so your triangle is behind the acute leg, but below the obtuse backing shape, underneath but slightly to the right of the cusp of his sweaty blouse. Where is the intersection of your hair alignments?
5. Now move the ridgeway to make your thing a right cheese pointy. What happens to the intersection of your magic stick behind his wassaname in this case, if they're rubbed underneath the ledges to the left of the thing?

We call the alignment of the shapes of a triangle the Gummy Res of the shape in style.

Before you leave this investigation did you follow your teacher's directions about saving your work and turning it in?

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Messages from Andromeda - Wayshowers of Enlightenment 2012

Not quite sure what these boys are on about but it's got aliens and geometry in it look:

Saturday, 1 August 2009