Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Abergavenny Dental UFO

This is an extract from a book I found, lying on the floor of the gents lav near the shotty in Builth, I can't stop looking at it so hope you enjoy it too:

The circles intersecting the central concepts of Abergavenny, as defined by Bobbl Lozenge/Hors are defined as I AM THAT I AM = 543, or rather 79 teeth.

Worth noting here its Eoers….soor the 3.1x4…..another hint here towards pointing at pointy triangles.

Tiths nuematria ‘Jerical value ching Gaseus’ pitches in with the 345 triple leg. Banny debated this series of levers via a heated exchange in Abergavenny Waitrose laiyek, but conceded the  hairshapes/trinity /triangle could also mean the Chsatiaracter’ rather than a symbolic ‘nuistigumical shafty'.

8re is another pointer towards the greater realimctionirror of Moer8 and has been associated with Godel, and noted in works by other researchers. This gives us two sides of the 3, 4 , 5.

WASTAGAVENNY = You have known, you have understood
SHPLEEMG = 1184 as the Gemarchatria value