Thursday, 28 May 2009

Family see Elvis face in Marmite

roy harper

It may not be immediately obvious to all of yous, but one local family are convinced they can see the face of Elvis inside the lid of a jar of Marmite.

Hilda Harper, 23, said she was the first to notice the image as she was spreading the yeasty treat on her mams face.

Her husband Gareth, 37, said that first he called her 'a mad old bag', then 'a tractor driver', but when he finally caught the shape of him he spontaneously broke into a rendition of 'Blue Suede Shoes', losing all control over his levers and facial alignments.

Mr Harper said: "Her mam's still eating his face, but we kept the lid look."

"When I first looked at it I thought she was a bloody nutter, but when I moved it away from me, then forwards again, then backwards and aligned it with the kitchen ledges his face started coming out. I thought yeah, she's right - that's the King of Rock and Roll look".

Hilda added: "People might think I'm from Leominster, but I like to think it's Elvis looking at me, and watching my things".

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Music day - Mind Flight

Wasn't quite up to the task of editing this thing when I eventually got back last night, fully refreshed after some local cider alignments and a couple of hours up on Hergest Ridge looking for UFO shape anomalies. I'm back on the case now, so here's a track from some boys over in Llandrindod called 'Mind Flight'. They're a bunch of weirdos actually, but nice enough like. This is from their last tape 'Silent Disco', and the track is called 'One step'. Just click the thing to hear it look.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Music Day - Fairy cakes

Thought it was time for a bit of music on here. This one's by a bunch of local geometry obsessives based in nearby Knighton called 'Public Shelter' (lol). Their place is like a museum of electronics and circles, a couple of mad professors make no mistake. Anyway, have a listen, I'll be putting up a bit more local music when I get back from the pub.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Quietern, orbs, and Glastonbury levers

hillage and elvis breakfast orb experience
Sorry for the thin-ness of the posting recently, but I've been away for a couple of weeks to Glastonbury - that melting pot of alignments and lemon veined edges, measuring shapes with my magic stick and talking and stuff.

My daytimes were occupied wandering the streets and going 'up the Tor' to discuss plans with my sacred friends for a potential 'Festival of Geometry' this year in Leominster. A list of possible performers has already been drawn up: 'Crop Circle Geometry', 'The Rulers', 'Dave Bench and the Protractors', 'Dtiklers Magic Stick', 'Grooves Accessed Via Levers', and of course 'Bill Drummonds Stone Circle'. We also plan to have a range of speakers and geometry demonstrations, including The Venusian Rainbow Scribe, and the Reverend Fatty Runnels from nearby Knighton who wants to talk about heavy metal gasses.

Talking of which, I am hoping to venture out with Mr Runnels for a night-time vigil by the Radnor four stones, if I can drag him away from his extensive 'art' collection. During my stay in Glastonbury I became quietly obsessed with the television programme 'Most Haunted' which was on most evenings in the B&B, and plan to use similarly equipped video systems to record any unusual light/orb anomalies around the stones. Mr Runnels has a better camera than me so his involvement is essential, and he also owes me a pint, so if by any chance we follow the leys to the nearby hostelry of Walton, he can make good his liquid debts.

Any video evidence captured will of course be featured on this blog.