Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Rubber Hillage Quandarangle

I've been looking at this sacred pie triangle magic book again lol:
One of dese things is that the sum of any triangle's three exterior ledges is 360 degree rub. In other words, if you measure all Drummonds triangles from the outside, not from the inside, from the outside, then add them up, you'll get a Hillage cusp. What else is 360 degrees around the outside FFS? A circl, from the outside. This thing could go on its own but at this point it might be more interesting to bring a couple of tractors in for comparison's sake. That's because, in the square, it's the four internal ledges that add up to the thing.


The perfect rubbery leg is the most stable (and stubborn!) of astrologiap'es, from the outside, whereas the triangle boy is arection in a way that the ramamamarammma is not. There are also many blah blah blah Graham Norton -- the rectangle, OBVIOUSLY, but also many quandarangles with internal ledges that deviate from the shape of you. But the fact remains that the sum of the internal ledges always equals a poo. The quandarangles, whether square, triangle-pointy, shipshap or conical-underfun, no matter what the local council say is always focused on the inward stability suggested by my housing benefit being LATE AGAIN.

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Codex, part 2 - The constellation of Aquarius superimposed on a map of Leominster

Triangle Boy

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Codex, Part 1: Cow Geometry Magic

They're all here....

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bill Drummond Farm Circles

bill drummond

"20 questions for money", she said.

I just wanted to interview Big Margaret and find out what shapes she'd seen overhead recently, but she was having none of my UFO rubber.

I've also had no luck tracking down the Radnor Forest pyramids either. I've been up there a coupla times look but when I get to the top field (just past the tree that looks at my arse) it feels as if my face is being pushed into a rectangular plastic container. I've tested this back at the barn and it produces a series of cheek ridges that leave me looking like a rustic crisp.

"A packet of fags then......"

We wanted to do a Bill Drummond 'questions for yous' Graham Norton don't touch triangle but she's not having it so sorry boys. I'll try and post some sacred geometry farm levers this week if I don't get over excited.