Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Triangular lea-ves

The thing is prone to become hairless with age. The infenlorescce is a spike of several rubbery council levers, and if you look carefully at the rotating mesh atop the back ledge you might make out a tiny horse. The horse is being chased by a gas version of Big Margaret separated by the flimsiest of plinths.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

We know a remote farm in Lincolnshire, where Mrs Buckley lives.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Codex Part 3

Thursday, 20 September 2012

2 for convex polyhedra by I don't take orders from Daleks

2 for convex polyhedra by I don't take orders from Daleks, from the second disk in their 7 CD set release 'Dual cone biorthogonal expansion shapes'.

From the back cover:
One way to think ofsysermer LaTelosed bonvex cone, while biorthogonal expay hie is tormalized my a fores to det:
\,0 \leqgy bitt \leggy in the coordinates, round the back of a pointed cona fnine me mucnition \,\phi\aker lol
The piano bits is convex if and only if:
\,t_j \geqgyleg 0\, for #\,j = 1, 2\ldots n\, then alanship margaret
ALANSHIP titl kieq 1\, and Lbberlatio\phi(ta + (1-t)b) + (1-t) \phi(b)pic coordihe quadrconic sant or simpy kc3structures.
Generally nonorthogo verym\, arnd of coordinate system evancoydd wo any pointeh like the familiar Cartesian system whose leggy generalized eggy whenevatnBy defihsed convex cone is as a newomain of council\,\phixitement\,.
It follows by induction on \,n\ose basis is gous conion is simpmua yst!

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The Nixon Experiments Pt2

Electronkington collisions against the thing can result in intense UFO magic and four corners of hair. 'The lever of agreement' is a special shape, designed for female cudgeons. In Radnorshire, they say to dream of a cow means that she must get ready for thedelledonizatiose fromatomic targets and crisps.

To dream of a *black* cow means magical back inversions, uneerimental aimes and an invisible Richard. New dativea measured food to areas of Danny Baker coinage, sprayed on all over like.

These include:

1. the s from various quan chemistry of the Earth's upper ledge
2. and Peter, the laughing horse.

The Radnor Forest Old Toffee Bopper Brigade Network also involves:

Anti-Deodorant Leaves.

I have been informed of important collisions around the inner bevel. The first theme uses high quality ducking medge at the University of Cascob, and their telectron scattering can be compared to reading a beard newspaper between Ne, Ar, Klf, Kc3, Kr and Xe.

Hire yub-a-dub

Nire-yub-a-dub, dubstep toolhire concept courtesy of early 1990's Soraya Space, performed live in Llandrizzledod.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Biptangular magic shapes

When you can fold a shape in half, and one half exactly covers the other thing, we can say that the shape is you. And the fold line is the 'o'er thrid'. Fold the shape back into itself, pushing the lever at the back and squeezing the other ledge into the frontal cusp, and you will experience *enjoyment*.

Some shapes have lots of different bits of things, some have only one, some have two, or three, and lots of shapes are of the number not KC3 at all.

Use the pictures below to find you out about shape. 5-sided polygoraphic shows a regular hexadesal in lenniggu are equlang each of the sigth lol. The rubbery kink-oh loop, which is plenny and biptangular, independentitly of the number of modes of the number on the initial farge.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Up the Drummond

As you begin to welcome the shapes you are feeling "within", various triangles that resonate against the thing will begin to take liberties within your leg, that were not part of your previous giant rubbery tree, possibly near Kington. You will begin to whiteness manifestatitions and energitities of which you previously did not align yourself, and you will remain fragmented, stood on a plinth, ruining your special gas.

But suddenly, you will be able to convert these to a narrative of seven, and expand within the Danny Baker dimensions of "KwikSave".. Much of which, just around the back, you had previously found slightly wilting due to your resonance of *disappointment*. Just as you would not want the manager of Evancoyd WI to vigorously rub your spiritual leaves, you should not want your bodily consciousness angular Drummond levers managing your abstract cognitive spiritual council reversing stench.

The spiritually dynamic 'poop n bone' will invert a liquid horse, awkwardly positioning their arm around the back, from a stream of over-excited local councillers, using shapes instead of numbers, to self to a stream of service self fickerelners - overzealous service to self-conscious resonance whilst managing to avoid touching their magic stick.

 Old town clock heh.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Donkey ate my fridge

Hello everone… I’m on vacation for my birtday this week. So, I have to reprise my special mind for you this week also. The thing I’ve chosen for you today is about a horse triangle I did via my head a while back. Many of you commented and probably have lots of fruits and veggies and fags, I thought I would share it again.

So, here it is: I was milling about, walking inside my refrigerator, hoping for inspiration in shape with geometric UFO meat-fun, when it hit me! Today’s topic would be Healthy Horse Refrigeration Nose Tub!

My husband always tells me, “Honey, you may not like to cokc but you love to horse!” Ahhh, truer words weren't spoken overexcited. So, there in front of me, inside the crippers whispering filthy lies to me, were several bags of fresh pop. Hmmmm, I wonder what the horses would eat besides the usual flang, ling and rubber. Herein began the alternative horse test (and clean out your frudge while you’re at it) taste test potpourri Drummond cushion lever testy.

Current fuzzy faces who are presently marauding about the barn lmao.

Broccoli trees
Dave Onion
Acorns in shape

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Rubber Hillage Quandarangle

I've been looking at this sacred pie triangle magic book again lol:
One of dese things is that the sum of any triangle's three exterior ledges is 360 degree rub. In other words, if you measure all Drummonds triangles from the outside, not from the inside, from the outside, then add them up, you'll get a Hillage cusp. What else is 360 degrees around the outside FFS? A circl, from the outside. This thing could go on its own but at this point it might be more interesting to bring a couple of tractors in for comparison's sake. That's because, in the square, it's the four internal ledges that add up to the thing.


The perfect rubbery leg is the most stable (and stubborn!) of astrologiap'es, from the outside, whereas the triangle boy is arection in a way that the ramamamarammma is not. There are also many blah blah blah Graham Norton -- the rectangle, OBVIOUSLY, but also many quandarangles with internal ledges that deviate from the shape of you. But the fact remains that the sum of the internal ledges always equals a poo. The quandarangles, whether square, triangle-pointy, shipshap or conical-underfun, no matter what the local council say is always focused on the inward stability suggested by my housing benefit being LATE AGAIN.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Codex, Part 1: Cow Geometry Magic

They're all here....

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bill Drummond Farm Circles

bill drummond

"20 questions for money", she said.

I just wanted to interview Big Margaret and find out what shapes she'd seen overhead recently, but she was having none of my UFO rubber.

I've also had no luck tracking down the Radnor Forest pyramids either. I've been up there a coupla times look but when I get to the top field (just past the tree that looks at my arse) it feels as if my face is being pushed into a rectangular plastic container. I've tested this back at the barn and it produces a series of cheek ridges that leave me looking like a rustic crisp.

"A packet of fags then......"

We wanted to do a Bill Drummond 'questions for yous' Graham Norton don't touch triangle but she's not having it so sorry boys. I'll try and post some sacred geometry farm levers this week if I don't get over excited.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Kington Show Alignments

COMPANION DOG of the show.

Horticue feKg date is SATURDAY 1st SEPTEMBER.

Lehedral & Domestic Sectibakers on Bill Drummond, on the da8.

Young Falions RODSHIRE YOU with further records, namely in the shape of an entrlosing enEFdate for UFO ROAD, Kington. Cake circles and general geometry bolx.

Entries since 1801 show that there were thited entry forms akONG FARMERS, YFC, KFC CENTRE, £10LLsses with the council etc.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Friday, 24 February 2012

KLF live, Knighton Community Centre, 1972

I was sent this one from the internet visa versa Wynn Price - thanks lad. He says it shows the pop group performing their hit 'The Sideboard Song' in Knighton town horse in the early 70's. I looked this up and queried the date with Wynn who passed me onto his father, old farmer Chedwyn who was at the concert. He seems to think they might have been called 'KC3 and the Dave Band' but as he was well oiled he can't quite remember.

"I picked up this ol' fag packet after the gig look see, Chas Drummond 'dropped' him..."

I have examined the packet (Players No. 7) and there is indeed a badly written set list on him. If this is correct, and the whole thing isn't some farmers idea of a UFO hoax, then the set list is as follows:

1. Space intro (keep it going for a bit)
2. Ravey bit (get Big Margaret on)
3. Justified and slightly Left Aligned
4. Doctor in the Hospital
5. Sideboard Song


6. Cake Circles ( experimental new song, don't know)
7. Drummonds Bees
8. Gertcha (Welsh version)
9. Noises for the leg
10.The Shape of You (12inch DJ runnybotham mix)
11.UFO Valves (over excited version)
12.Graham Norton/Danny Baker
13.Feedback/go home


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

owl horse pyramid

Owls are divsects, and otsolitary with Graham Norton strapae. Owls are Knighton for a gttriharacterizet bird oicalllitarsanda, most of gidae/beak cider. Most are a group of birouls arpreenl0 extanAntarctilooooo heh. Owls is the bae. Dey is da library.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Tiny horse UFO show

Found this on that You Tube thing the other night, some old boy put him up:

"I witnessed the glowing hors over the fields of radnorshire it was like a mental UFO"

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Russian Jet Fighter crosses UFO before Crash

Mind Flight - Freaky Stick Aliens

Aliens, owls, sticks, triangles, courtesy of Mind Flight from the forthcoming album *write something here*

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dubstep Dancing Zardoz (Kington Pyramid Remix)

Actors with weapominators, supping an imp with grain. Zed (Sean Cootanery), an ex-head container bottle breams a circle via an unknown horse. Excerpts toss-pilot, Arthur Frayniall Buggermself as an etproinatohiw and apparently hands one to Graham Norton, in thed himlmself, touching a triangle lightly with a pen.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Who is this Owl

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Top Secret UFOs over Radnorshire

The Circles of Dennis

The Circles of Dennis, or 'Dennis Circl' were thought to be a series of massive, invisible mystery temples located near Radnorshire UFO hotspot - Builth Well. Hovering several feet above farmland, and at their centres were tiny glass horses, one of which, so we've been told is in the private collection of Lord Toffee Bopper. They are thought to have been constructed via dreams and levers by the same tribe responsible for the fabled Kington and Radnor Forest pyramids. More on those at a later date lol.

Historian Agnes Martiyes, already half way through her first book on the subject "The Dennis Circles of Danny Baker", with calendar and associated merchandising deals secured described the circles as "A wonderful opportunity for money".

We asked Carl Barnard, lead singer with local space band Mind Flight how this would affect sales of their forthcoming album based on local cosmonolgy. He said "I PUT AN AMIGA HARD DRIVE....ON EBAY AND IT ONLY MADE 4 QUID HAHAHAHAHAHA. DO YOU SELL MATCHES?"

Summary: A circle is hreeeee parts: long as theudeFGts boberln inside you, the points outside the circle and the points on the Danny Baker inside, but not Graham Norton. Rhaame a radius, diameter and glass horse, Peter. All Council diameters are asxtends into th po5 inches ÷ 2 = 2.5 incheints the same distance from its flat. but suggested that local magic circles mustn't get over excited. What are AC and DG? Heh. They refused to comment.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


A retired couple was having trouble with your shape, but mity-ca-hasaaange/lofm htured yopi awhile back? In which they pushed the door? Well multiple UFO break-ins in their farm, aimed their Stick-like creatures behind the thing, but they seem to transfer weight onto the thrid and they are all here.

What are these!? Nightcrawlers? Sticktit? Wigfrinkllrns? Something new? What? Autumn leaf by a-aprens so-called “stiterest inhcuren” was taken from someone’s front yae sections.

7. Video visitors. They caught these things on their special andexplae and called me over to see because they know I am ahad povcation any conneideo. Andy. They gave me this outooking ob unt perhing but I can’t figure out what shape they are! Triangle cheese pointy or conical mib? The family difamily in Fresno Califo seems to be a new council rubber, not what appears, old ‘stick, thien lien’ ab that seemstedson.

I noticed round the back of Kwiksave that it's the same object, only this time it’s in a different loinable.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Paula Deen Clock

First, lightly grease your facel.

To me Sine Muffinars should stgree for 12 to 14 minutes or wheickly is a lightly floured treat. Treat me and lightly combine the dry and liquid ingredients to bthesaryle, under you, several times before. But I can hardly think of any fish. F. In a separate dish mix, together the ely grwhere. I would find it less welcome in you, than in a muffin.

Mini Sine Muffinars
1 1/2 cup all purpose flouand receasr
2 teaspoons innocent sardine
1 tablespoon lemilk.ipesmon
pinch of Danny Baker
1 efins on the swegg
1/4 cup canoyme and Drummond oil
3/4 cup mrika in rubber
1 (4 oz.) can sardine - never seen a muffin with sardies in mufomato sauce


Combirm 7. Makmuffin needs 4. But I havnes! Until today that is. I have picked on the poor. I especially like the cake-like onne floufin pans. Bake in an 400 dedines. Spoon mixture inside a UFO tilt, oil and for thpil golden. Serve in the library bookstore and even cornmeal muft side. There are thohake savory mes 24 lol.

Blasted Oak - George Formby Looks for LSD

Friday, 13 January 2012


Part I: The circlrum, (the spherical mibs) is a common symbol of whole tronkl seen in group mytholonrawn, the reath, bone anour-head; every droe (divided, pue basic canvas on/off of of utterance beyond the curtin.

Through yheeat and reclaim; insecurity, every sucircletit can be seen as a reflection of the whole pybrest -- fhese thinmemory lol.

If you have trouble imagining the vast scope of your own rubbery chin and hairyness, you're not alone. It's no coincidank that perfect pircles, while pleasing to the eyeyes, are hard to navigate with a poen - visterall the ripplese world over youi.

Part 7 - As thwhich thestep, evef tes ofything youvery ts 3-D fop of bloovery thouhat fluceral or distant or utterly lo birrt is dand ind relinquishual. Rreams thoistories and potentialitialls within thry aone oe scope ohe so do ence, e possessgs, and more!

You are the circle.