Friday, 31 January 2014

Bill Drummonds lub ole ironum

bill drummond

I had an idea that all the horses on this website were going to be replaced by tiny pieces of paper with joined-up writing on them. Boppers would descend upon these little treasures as if witnessing Nortons Chococalte Delight. Or Robby Wlilliams watchen a UFO like. Or Bill Drummonds lub ole ironum. Or Danny Bakers lovely spume.

Anyway up we went inside the triangle, right up to the top of the clock tower only delayed slightly by having to climb through the very narrow opening at the bit next to the levers, where I had to angle my leg past the thing, then crouch under the retention beam before dislocating my back feature allowing me to manoever sideways into a space smaller than a vicars residue.

It was worth it though.