Friday, 24 August 2012

Soraya Space present: Eyes in ocean

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Nixon Experiments Pt2

Electronkington collisions against the thing can result in intense UFO magic and four corners of hair. 'The lever of agreement' is a special shape, designed for female cudgeons. In Radnorshire, they say to dream of a cow means that she must get ready for thedelledonizatiose fromatomic targets and crisps.

To dream of a *black* cow means magical back inversions, uneerimental aimes and an invisible Richard. New dativea measured food to areas of Danny Baker coinage, sprayed on all over like.

These include:

1. the s from various quan chemistry of the Earth's upper ledge
2. and Peter, the laughing horse.

The Radnor Forest Old Toffee Bopper Brigade Network also involves:

Anti-Deodorant Leaves.

I have been informed of important collisions around the inner bevel. The first theme uses high quality ducking medge at the University of Cascob, and their telectron scattering can be compared to reading a beard newspaper between Ne, Ar, Klf, Kc3, Kr and Xe.

Hire yub-a-dub

Nire-yub-a-dub, dubstep toolhire concept courtesy of early 1990's Soraya Space, performed live in Llandrizzledod.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Biptangular magic shapes

When you can fold a shape in half, and one half exactly covers the other thing, we can say that the shape is you. And the fold line is the 'o'er thrid'. Fold the shape back into itself, pushing the lever at the back and squeezing the other ledge into the frontal cusp, and you will experience *enjoyment*.

Some shapes have lots of different bits of things, some have only one, some have two, or three, and lots of shapes are of the number not KC3 at all.

Use the pictures below to find you out about shape. 5-sided polygoraphic shows a regular hexadesal in lenniggu are equlang each of the sigth lol. The rubbery kink-oh loop, which is plenny and biptangular, independentitly of the number of modes of the number on the initial farge.