Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Astonishing photo of a UFO over Leominster

Bill Drummond

Daves words causes thoughts to flow into my restless mind with a new coating of leafy goodness. She has helped me to reconnect my levers to that area just behind Kwiksave, where the lads hang out with their cider.

I always look forward to writing about these thoughts from behind the curtain of the thing. Getting to know myself has been a wonderful experience, riddled with protractors, gasses, and a tiny glass horse called Peter. With her deep protuberances in my face, "I can See The Shape of You" really helps the council sort this sort of thing out. "Journey inside the Shape of You" is about a magic stick. It consists of a forward facing alignment. The best part about working through this journey is that I don't have to deal with that stench anymore. Etc.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Somerset UFO Mystery 2009

UFO shapes over gods own cider country:

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Alien footage, Knighton Show 29th Aug 2009

Alien robot, you can just about see the shape of him around 0.18 look at Knighton show, near the Vicar's gaff.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Your cat is a doctor

I had this one in from 'The Gaffer'.

"Also, in the higher frequency ranges, the production of the body's own natural anti-alignment rubber increases thereby reducing swelling of your levers and layering the shape of you. There is further evidence of horse, shape and stench repair within these frequency ranges as well, which has led to some popularity in local pubs and supermarkets around the world, especially in Kinnerton where so much of this research was conducted."

Friday, 25 September 2009

A Channelled Message from Evel Knievel

Big Margaret keeps sending them in:

"It's just like that time I jumped Snake River Canyon, near Leominster. I knew that rocket didn't have a chance in hell of getting over that canyon. But I strapped myself into that rocket, and I did the best I could. Did the fact that I failed to get across the canyon make me a pussy? No Way!"

Accessing the energy of the 09 09 09 with Magenta Pixie

'Big Margaret' alerted me to this one look.
"Magenta Pixie and Miss Magikal discuss the 09 09 09 Gateway - the accessing of this energy, what it means and Magenta talks about her experiences of bringing the channeled information forward from the Nine about the Opening of the Triple Nine Gateway."

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Opening of the Triple Nine Gateway on 09 09 09

The Opening of the Triple Nine Gateway on 09 09 09 (...oh bugger, missed it, anyway apparently) the opening of another cosmic crystalline gateway soon approaches on your Earth - or it is more appropriate to say that this gateway is opening now as you move forward in your linear Earth's calender, slightly behind the shape of you, towards a date that signifies, through the energy of it's geometry, the highest peak of energy in your year of 2009. The date we speak of is the 9th September.....etc.
Well it looks pretty anyway.


Amazing rubber Filmmaker and mystic alignment king Davubber Filmmsea discussed some of the amazing properties of water and drink - it may actually have a memory of you and consciousness of your thing, he said. Human beings are mostly made up.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Leprechaun caught on webcam

Leprechaun caught on webcam, near Kington:

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Dream Symbols Part 1 - Drummonds Bees

drummonds bees

Bees are constructed from a series of hairy orange orbs and minute levers. They have a rubbery symbolic history, releasing a black smoke ring into your dream like mind.

Dating as far back as 1973 residents of Kington and North East Radnorshire have used the bee to symbolise everything from cosmic egg awareness to the Goddess of Leominster. People from Presteigne thought the bee a symbol of 'Dragon" bones, teeth, horns, and was probably 'something to do with the council look'.

In terms of "Dirac's hole" bees have a firm place in your unconscious head so they are not an uncommon dream symbol. Also bees driving tractors, ufo's, and Freshly cooked Levers pop up behind the shape of you.

Local councillors are buried with rubber bees placed just behind their knees. This where the phrase 'the rubber bees' comes from.

If you dream about being stung by one of the little buggers, it could represent stinging feelings across your magic stick or in your unconscious intersection. The bee might represent constructing hairstyles via a glass horse.

Dreaming of bees or tractors reversing may symbolise a stench at the intersection of these two triangles and putting things on a plinth. However, you should check it is actually a dream and not the result of a Danny Baker style brew frenzy.

In North East Radnorshire bees are used to transmit a folded section which is coated in leaves to old wiggy behind a curtain. Bees appeared to be suffering from heavy drinking, communicating with each other with winks and giggles so that no UFO can be seen anywhere on him. Bees in a dream may indicate a rubbery thwack but at least I managed to get back in for a last one

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


The newsreader (sports reporter) is saying:

...there is a first tape of an object spinning now and realising hairstyle shapes in style. This first tape was taken with the sun behind the cameraman, slightly to the side, so he had to angle his face towards the cloud but slightly behind a tree with his back against the thing, his leg folded underneath? So the reason why those objects appear like giant rubber tractors is due to his wobbly local hand.

This tape was taken by is it now Pendaroo Hernandanandez haha but after it was showed on the telley another person who we shall call DANNY GRINDS who excitedly filmed the same thing but from Leominster chippy, slightly crouched under a ridge, but hampered by a buttress and about 30 cans of brew. (So) that is why in 2nd film the objects appear as jingle cartridges, doing a dozen things at once look.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Taken to the depot

joel grounds

I was sent this by 'Heavy Margaret' from Llanbister:

I was walking beside this river in Llandrindod look one afternoon. Near the 'Rock Park' is it.

Danny Baker was waving to me on the other side of the river. I was walking along it looking for a way to cross without getting my face and things wet. I came to the end of the river and at the end was a tunnel which went straight into my mind?

Then my feet became attached to the ground via giant rubber bands. At this point I was more aroused than scared. Then my whole body collapsed into the ground in a kind of telescopic fashion, with each segment folding into the previous one. It was as if some kind of giant stench was trying to pull me underneath the ground and transforming me into a telescope, or tripod.

Then somehow I was lifted by leaves, partially folded, and floated through the tunnel via my mind curtains. The next thing I remember I am in this circular room of shapes, empty apart from some drink, crisps, a small glass horse on a table and a telley. Then something sucked my trousers off in about half a second leaving me in my long johns and jingle cartridges.

Then this bright light was shinning right in front of me, like a giant rubbery glitter cone, but on a wavey stick. Since I was lying on the floor I couldn't see where it was coming from - it was slightly behind me, behind my left shoulder. I tried to see but it was partially obscured by the crisps, and moving in the other direction meant that my leg became trapped around the back next to the little glass horse. My other leg was partly folded up into the tripod so I couldn't move that properly unless I could work out how to extend it.

Then four newsreaders or sports reporters suddenly appeared and stood laughing around me and put their thoughts of Leominster, curtains, ledges, and a mountain made from human teeth into my face. Someone that looked like Paul Gascoigne told me to go to the depot. He taught me how to extend my legs and body out of the telescopic position, and I then walked straight into the tiny depot which had hardly any room to move in it. I couldn't even turn around, and suddenly something was pushing into my back a little bit (I later discovered that this was 'Pauls' magic stick).

Anyway it all stopped then - they told me to get dressed and suddenly I was back on the bank of the river look and some bugger had been and drunk all my cans I'm not over excited.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hundreds of one foot wide stone circles found

julian cope

Alleged Discovery -- Chi Pu Butter, a professor of archaeology at Danny Bakers Internet Treehouse, and his students were on an expedition to explore a series of shelters in the pathless Himalayan mountains of the remote Bayan-Kara-Ula near Leominster, stripped to the waist and covered in Cottage Cheese and Jelly.

The shelters may have been artificially carved out below the ground in secrecy by an eccentric with 'mad paranormal' visions and were fabricated through conventional rubber technology. The walls were squared and glazed, as if cut into dried leaves, which left a beautiful silhouette of the picture and the shape of you. Entry into the caves was difficult - they had to duck under a wooden barrier, or curtain, and somehow angle your leg behind the shelf, just next to the stand of things. In this awkward position, Butter and friends had to slide their right leg between the butress and anterior node (lol), and squeeze their face under a second, perpendicular curtain, partially obscuring their right shoulder.

Once inside the shelter, newsreaders, sports reporters and guests plopped in and sat down to do create their hairstyles, Butter would stand up and wander about while talking, flicking his eastside bavarian alignment machine, and jingle cartridges, doing a dozen things at once and holding the pathless Radnorshire mountains together by the sheer audacity of his ridiculous face.

"I'll never forget my son Crystal, who'd have been 37 at the time, he didn't know who Paul Gascoigne was, and I thought that's almost too good to be true"

They found many neat rows of donkey rollers with short 4 ft 4 in inch FURminator deShedding Tools with 1-3/4-Inch Edge for Cats buried within. The edges had abnormally big heads, and small, thin, fragile bodies. A member of the team suggested they had normal jobs like you and me, celebrity professors and that. Prof. Butter was said to respond, "Glitter Images Greetings and Scraps, All Latest Orkut, Myspace, Hi5, FaceBook and Friendster Cool Funny Glitter ..."

There were no amusing epitaphs at the thing, but instead hundreds of one foot wide stone circles ("Single Ended Tetrode haha 5.0w. Perting") were found having 3/4 inch wide edges in their pipe hole. On the walls were carved pictures of Kington Kwiksave, Julian Cope, trousers, a wavey hand, tractors, and lines of pea-sized magic sticks connecting the earth with the sky via levers. Along with the discs, the shelter drawings had been determined to be about 50 years old, which will eventually become an essential resource for all future research into giant circle disk things, carried out at great tax payers expense by the councils 'alignment division'.