Friday, 6 July 2012

Up the Drummond

As you begin to welcome the shapes you are feeling "within", various triangles that resonate against the thing will begin to take liberties within your leg, that were not part of your previous giant rubbery tree, possibly near Kington. You will begin to whiteness manifestatitions and energitities of which you previously did not align yourself, and you will remain fragmented, stood on a plinth, ruining your special gas.

But suddenly, you will be able to convert these to a narrative of seven, and expand within the Danny Baker dimensions of "KwikSave".. Much of which, just around the back, you had previously found slightly wilting due to your resonance of *disappointment*. Just as you would not want the manager of Evancoyd WI to vigorously rub your spiritual leaves, you should not want your bodily consciousness angular Drummond levers managing your abstract cognitive spiritual council reversing stench.

The spiritually dynamic 'poop n bone' will invert a liquid horse, awkwardly positioning their arm around the back, from a stream of over-excited local councillers, using shapes instead of numbers, to self to a stream of service self fickerelners - overzealous service to self-conscious resonance whilst managing to avoid touching their magic stick.

 Old town clock heh.


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