Thursday, 26 March 2009

Kington Show

I haven't posted much on here lately, due to some strange goings on which I will provide more information about at a later date. I am also working on a new thesis for the Kington Hig Street standing stone alignments, which, if I lay off the cider for long enough, should appear on this site in the next few days.

For now though lets enjoy some films of the Kington Show. No fighting like, just good clean fun look. If you watch really closely you might catch a glimpse of Elvis Presley, alive and well on the back of an old van covered in geometrical balls of paper.

I find they work best if you play them both at once.

Actually the Kington Show one won't let me embed it as they're frightened by aliens stealing their alignments, so I'll add a video of Boring Bob from Llandrindod Wells 'rolling a fag' instead. Don't forget to watch them both at once now:


  1. Cheers for the clips. That Elvis never look younger!!

    Looking forward to hearing from your thesis...


  2. Cheers for the clips. That Bob never look hotter!!

    Looking forward to seeing him in the nod...