Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Graham Norton's Funny Old UFO's

Graham Norton.

On the telley tonight:

BBC News at Sevens
The latest national and international UFO stories from the BBC, read by Graham Norton.

Party Election Broadcasts: The Graham Norton Party
Sausage supper.

The One and One Show
Graham Norton and Chris Evans are joined by X Factor winner Joel Knighton for cans and cheeses.

Phil's actions have devastating consequences for Kington Local Council. Phil Mitchel is played by Graham Norton, everything else, Chris Evans.

Panorama - You brang me leaves.
Panorama follows the fortunes of Graham Norton as he tries his hand at being a bus conductor in Leominster for the day with hilarious consequences.

Graham Norton
Episode 2
2/3. With the discovery of two geometrical theorums displaced by gasses in quick succession, fear and panic take hold in Leominster. With Chris Evans.

BBC UFO's at Ten
Latest national and international UFO news, with reports from BBC correspondents Graham Norton and Chris Evans.

Party Election Broadcasts: The Chris Evans Party
General Election 1992/heh
A party election broadcast by the Chris Evans Party for the local council election over excited.

The Graham Norton Show
Series 7, Episode 3
3/12. Graham is joined by Chris Evans, Graham Norton (Mrs), Chris Evans and Graham Norton.

Graham Norton's Funny Old UFO's
Graham Norton investigates the funny old world of UFO's

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