Tuesday, 25 November 2008

No Metal Parts to Rust - House of Pie

# Valve is a Precision Ground Ball made of E.P. Rubber and we notice how the triangle and square fall on these points - A + ¾(3A/4 + 12A/36) = 2A where A is area of the main square triangle - Made for wet conditions aye
# Color of Drain Housing is a Rrrrse Yellow - bersons without interest in mathematics merely derive an aesthetic delight from the shapes frothbarn d'tick
# It was a 'rubber diagram of temple foundation in Kylie', he said. Wicking Pad for dispersing water is made of a non-woven Polyester Plastic by area versus circumference
# icking Pad color is white. or red.
# Raised lip around the circle is divided by 1/6th and 1/3rd parts in 'a' and by octagonal arcs in 'b, protects rocks and gravel from loosening the pad so that the areas of those within are half those without chafing.

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