Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Creepy Aliens on Top of Building in Mexico

Big Margaret sent me thissun. Creepy Aliens on Top of Building in Mexico. In her covering email she goes on to say:

Never go to him store without my list. And never go for "just one can" if you can haha possibly avoid them. The reasons are manifold: without a list, you are at the mercy of the store's giant rubber tubes that follow your mind and your own memory tin. You're liable to buy the whole farm by the time you get back to your car, or barn. It's a similar problem with going to the store for "just one can". You may be tempted to "impulse buy another can, or cans". Don't! Just Say 'flohingaliayadr' to busting your levers. Prepare your face carefully, research your new alignments, make a list and stick it on your thing.

I'm not quite sure how this relates to the video, maybe it was a MISTAKE but I've put him on there just in case look.

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