Saturday, 24 October 2009

Singing and dancing on Glastonbury Tor

I like this one, some old boys singling and tapping their bongos on Glastonbury Tor look. It's a good song, 'taking power, down the dragons line'. I don't know what this means but it reminds me of the boys up on Hergest on a full moon. We have some games up there I can tell you. Mostly old falmers up there aligning the Grids of Norris but it's nothing to do with the council.

This film goes a bit funny near the end, a dog starts barking, then the cameraman gets bored and starts talking to his mate, then films the boys behind him, so it all goes into a bit of a oo-loop-p, but still a cracking bit of filming and worthy of our things I wish that bloody dog would shu


  1. this film is crap what you fekkin talkn about? fekkin hippies

  2. smells of piss in there.....phwew