Friday, 16 October 2009

UFO Pie Recipe

bill drummond


1 ruler's worth of chocolate chips sh
1 thing of chopped rubber
2 UFO's, beaten
2 gasses
1 magic stick, melted and cooled by I'm not excited
1/2 c. Graham Norton
1 tsp. Bill Drummond


1. Mix chocolate chips and donkey, add a couple of UFO's, then butter up the mrs.
2. Add Graham Norton drainage, tv presenters and plenty of lols.
3. Pour into unbaked pie and stare intently for 30 minutes or until it gets nervous.
4. Test with einstein nose cone and administer The Stench.
5. Bake longer if necessary - it should be chewy, not like a runny poo.
6. This makes one 9 inch bill drummond.

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