Thursday, 24 November 2011

Can I have a triangle please Graham?

I recently overheard that the Graham Norton (not that one) is being rumoured to host a new version of the 70's gameshow classic 'Blockbuster'.

Local farmer Graham takes up the story: "Yeah I'm too young and gorgeous to remember him but they've shown me how to work the levers and we're doing it a bit different anyway innit. We'll be using shapes instead of numbers, and I'll be helped out by a posh alien bird for any difficult sums lol".

The bloke down The Swan says the show will be produced by Local Radnorshire Council and prizes are rumoured to include a tiny horse, Goffee The Clown, something titled 'poop n bone' (pronounced 'pup' 'un' bowne') - though to win the top prize of a weekend in Kington guests will have to squeeze through a small aperture, into a tiny cube taking care not to dislodge any cans, awkwardly positioning their arm around the back etc. without becoming over-excited.

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