Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Knighton man's threatening use of triangles

Ex aristocat Noel Krumple was recently taken away after reportedly using the above shapes in a threatening manner. Local eyes say he was seen repeatedly in the vacinity of the old town clock, which he insisted was his 'Tardis'. He employed a selection of screwdrivers and at one stage, even a small horse, but was unsucessful in his endeavours to levitate it from it's plinth.

"I've tried a series of triangles and rubbed them with special numbers, provided by doctors of high repute but the fickerelners aren't doin nuffin like". When asked why he was attempting such an unlikely feat he shouted "I WANTED TO SMELL THE MOON".

He was towed away by the local council who described Mr Krummple as 'a menis'.

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