Friday, 24 February 2012

KLF live, Knighton Community Centre, 1972

I was sent this one from the internet visa versa Wynn Price - thanks lad. He says it shows the pop group performing their hit 'The Sideboard Song' in Knighton town horse in the early 70's. I looked this up and queried the date with Wynn who passed me onto his father, old farmer Chedwyn who was at the concert. He seems to think they might have been called 'KC3 and the Dave Band' but as he was well oiled he can't quite remember.

"I picked up this ol' fag packet after the gig look see, Chas Drummond 'dropped' him..."

I have examined the packet (Players No. 7) and there is indeed a badly written set list on him. If this is correct, and the whole thing isn't some farmers idea of a UFO hoax, then the set list is as follows:

1. Space intro (keep it going for a bit)
2. Ravey bit (get Big Margaret on)
3. Justified and slightly Left Aligned
4. Doctor in the Hospital
5. Sideboard Song


6. Cake Circles ( experimental new song, don't know)
7. Drummonds Bees
8. Gertcha (Welsh version)
9. Noises for the leg
10.The Shape of You (12inch DJ runnybotham mix)
11.UFO Valves (over excited version)
12.Graham Norton/Danny Baker
13.Feedback/go home



  1. ive seen this gig listed on a music site, good quality recording on there

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