Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Circles of Dennis

The Circles of Dennis, or 'Dennis Circl' were thought to be a series of massive, invisible mystery temples located near Radnorshire UFO hotspot - Builth Well. Hovering several feet above farmland, and at their centres were tiny glass horses, one of which, so we've been told is in the private collection of Lord Toffee Bopper. They are thought to have been constructed via dreams and levers by the same tribe responsible for the fabled Kington and Radnor Forest pyramids. More on those at a later date lol.

Historian Agnes Martiyes, already half way through her first book on the subject "The Dennis Circles of Danny Baker", with calendar and associated merchandising deals secured described the circles as "A wonderful opportunity for money".

We asked Carl Barnard, lead singer with local space band Mind Flight how this would affect sales of their forthcoming album based on local cosmonolgy. He said "I PUT AN AMIGA HARD DRIVE....ON EBAY AND IT ONLY MADE 4 QUID HAHAHAHAHAHA. DO YOU SELL MATCHES?"

Summary: A circle is hreeeee parts: long as theudeFGts boberln inside you, the points outside the circle and the points on the Danny Baker inside, but not Graham Norton. Rhaame a radius, diameter and glass horse, Peter. All Council diameters are asxtends into th po5 inches ÷ 2 = 2.5 incheints the same distance from its flat. but suggested that local magic circles mustn't get over excited. What are AC and DG? Heh. They refused to comment.

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