Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Interstellar Venusian Rainbow Acid

Thom Yorke

I had this through the post yesterday, from someone calling themselves 'The Venusian Rainbow Scribe'. The handwriting looked like 'Acid Head Terry's' though - I recognised it from a Radiohead tape he did for me, and it had a Leominster postmark. And he'd signed it 'Terry', but then crossed it out. Here it is anyway:

"Greetings people of Earth. You may have noticed time appearing to slow down or speed up. Maybe you've noticed that it hasn't speeded up or slowed down at all? Perhaps you have forgotten what day it is? Or you may think it is the next day when it is not, or you might think it's next Friday when in reality it is the preceeding Tuesday. Maybe you have missed an appointment with the social because you've got your Wednesdays mixed up and you no longer understand the concept of Thursdays. Or you may feel like shouting at passers by on the High Street or hiding in a cupboard.

The reality surrounding your body is billowing about in big wobbly waves right now. This dis-alignment of shapes could have affected your sense of time and broken your inner calendar. Linear time is a solid thing when you are fixed into a magic reality line, but if you disrupt the line the reality streams go all wrong. Many of you may have noticed that your reality is broken - in the last few days you might have noticed your connecting rods are slightly bent and your levers a bit rubbery.

The bendings are many. They exist in two barns. Photons from space have accelerated, bumping up against you, rubbing your valves into differing perspectives, and as a result your world-wide economies have gone a bit funny and you are afraid to put money in your building societies. The fear of change and the stench that is emanating from your twitching knees are the direct causes of a myriad of realigned shapes and gaseous displacement, on time slowing down, collapsing and compacting in a move towards the Grids of Norris that is coming via Cascob next week, possibly Thursday or maybe a week next Friday?"

I like getting your letters Terry...sorry...Venusian Rainbow Scribe, but I'm not completely sure what you're on about half the time.


  1. I am working at translating this one and I feel I may not be up to the task...but like your blog and the lovely photo on about me.
    Thanks for becoming a follower of Psyche Connections. I look forward to connection in this reality!