Monday, 9 February 2009

Mystery Lights Over The Midlands

A "specticular" display of millions of UFOs and flying shapes has been reported in the skies over the black country/and/or Builth.

Eyewitnesses told Reg Price that up to '7 bright circles' could be seen near Builth, just past the Post Office. Stunned residues watched in disbelief, convinced they were viewing rubbery shapes via an extra-terrestrial pair of spectacles.

Each object was encircled with lights and curtains, had lights in the middle, and lights on the end of a stick, according to witness and Cliff Richard fan Harry Benches who lives in Kington in a small cave with is wife Mavis and seventeen children.

He said: "This looked clever and specticular. The lights seem to hang like tickets in the sky like, right, to the north of the Post Office look, just before 8pm last night as I was coming back from the Greyhound. Yeah?

A neighbour had shouted for us to come and look see. There were so many objects - yeah? From a distance, right, they looked like lights, or shapes, being held by a giant behind a net curtain? Right? These boys were absolutely silent and travelling at probably twice the speed of a normal tractor with a flashing light on it.

Then they came towards us/coming you closer/ and flew right over my top see. Some were so close they were almost rubbing and were only a hunnert feet or ten above us?


Birmingham International airport is to the east of the sightings, but according to Mr Hairy Dennis, the flight path comes nowhere near the pub. "Aircraft are not allowed to fly over this area see. Yous can regularly see dem flying machines in the distance like, and I can tell you boy that this was something a bit funny" he said.

Hair traffic control at Birmingham International airport had nothing on their leaves to suggest anything out of the ordinary and put the incident down to 'high spirits'.


  1. My son has videotaped such weird phenomena -- saw most of the strange lights moving oddly through the skye while he lived in South Korea (fascinating stuff!).

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  2. I think the eyewitness testimony is compelling...especially his observation of the craft's speed. Anything going that fast could not possibly be from this earth. However, he neglected to mention as to whether the net curtains had halibut, or anomalies in them. The presence of which would cast a whole different light on the event.