Sunday, 1 February 2009

The men in black tractors

Radnor Forest
Well, I made it up to the Radnor Forest yesterday but didn't find the lost pyramids of Mu. As soon as I got there I realised the vast nature of my task - it's a huge area, mostly forested and bi-sected with numerous maze-like loggers roads. I found no connecting rods or crystal Steve Hillage Temples.

I'd taken my mountain bike with me, in the back of my old Ford Fiesta, and it helped me to cover many miles of these roads....but really I hardly scratched the surface, and passed hundreds of twisting pathways going deep into the forest that were too rugged for my old bike. It was difficult to navigate - none of the friendly barns or stone alignments of Herefordshire - this was a dense magnetic fog.

I had a sensation of being watched the whole time I was there. It was creepy, silent apart from the soudns of machinery at work deep in the woods, and I was glad to get away.

The forset is surrounded and broken up by miles of farmland. As the fields occasionally came into view between the trees, I spotted farmers at work in the fields on their tractors. But there was something different about the farmers in this area, something wrong. I couldn't see them clearly as they were some way off, but I could see no flat caps, no tweed jackets or oversized trousers held up with baler twine. These guys were smartly dressed, some in suits, and all of them wearing sunglasses - despite the overcast sky. And the tractors - no gay blue, reds or racing greens - just dull shades of black. They seemed more interested in watching me than ploughing the fields so I tried to keep from view.

On my way home I stopped at a cafe in nearby Presteigne and quizzed the local girl working there about the lost pyramids. She said she'd heard "nuffin about pyramids but dere's some weird stuff goin on like? Are yous talkin about them observatries?"

I checked my OS map when I got home and there are indeeed structures marked 'observatories'. I think I need to pay the forest a second vist, though next time under the cover of darkness.

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  1. Hey:

    I wanted to thank you for the follow on Irish Gumbo! Very nice to have another traveller on the train, thank you so much!

    And good luck finding that pyramid...:)