Thursday, 28 May 2009

Family see Elvis face in Marmite

roy harper

It may not be immediately obvious to all of yous, but one local family are convinced they can see the face of Elvis inside the lid of a jar of Marmite.

Hilda Harper, 23, said she was the first to notice the image as she was spreading the yeasty treat on her mams face.

Her husband Gareth, 37, said that first he called her 'a mad old bag', then 'a tractor driver', but when he finally caught the shape of him he spontaneously broke into a rendition of 'Blue Suede Shoes', losing all control over his levers and facial alignments.

Mr Harper said: "Her mam's still eating his face, but we kept the lid look."

"When I first looked at it I thought she was a bloody nutter, but when I moved it away from me, then forwards again, then backwards and aligned it with the kitchen ledges his face started coming out. I thought yeah, she's right - that's the King of Rock and Roll look".

Hilda added: "People might think I'm from Leominster, but I like to think it's Elvis looking at me, and watching my things".

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