Tuesday, 8 September 2009


The newsreader (sports reporter) is saying:

...there is a first tape of an object spinning now and realising hairstyle shapes in style. This first tape was taken with the sun behind the cameraman, slightly to the side, so he had to angle his face towards the cloud but slightly behind a tree with his back against the thing, his leg folded underneath? So the reason why those objects appear like giant rubber tractors is due to his wobbly local hand.

This tape was taken by is it now Pendaroo Hernandanandez haha but after it was showed on the telley another person who we shall call DANNY GRINDS who excitedly filmed the same thing but from Leominster chippy, slightly crouched under a ridge, but hampered by a buttress and about 30 cans of brew. (So) that is why in 2nd film the objects appear as jingle cartridges, doing a dozen things at once look.

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  1. well I dont know what they are, but they look like orbs of light, so they could well be light beings, I hope they are on our side.