Monday, 3 August 2009

Investigation of Triangle Centers

crop circles

In this section of their exploration you will be asked by him to explore the altitudes, angle bisectors, medians, and perpendicular levers of a triangle in shape. You will be able to make conjectures about the behaviour of those very special segments that he keeps hidden in his special cupboard, next to his secrets.


* Construct the attitude to side AC through vertex B via Kington.
* Directions for construction of an attitude to style.
* Script for constructing hairstyles via a glass horse.
* Construct a second shape in the style of vertex A.
* Make a stench at the intersection of these two levers.
* Construct the third ridge through vertex C, behind the ledge of C.


1. When you constructed the third shape, did it touch your gasses?
2. Write a conjecture about the way your levers intersect on a plinth.
3. Move one vertex of the boys UFO so your triangle is behind the acute leg, but below the obtuse backing shape, underneath but slightly to the right of the cusp of his sweaty blouse. Where is the intersection of your hair alignments?
5. Now move the ridgeway to make your thing a right cheese pointy. What happens to the intersection of your magic stick behind his wassaname in this case, if they're rubbed underneath the ledges to the left of the thing?

We call the alignment of the shapes of a triangle the Gummy Res of the shape in style.

Before you leave this investigation did you follow your teacher's directions about saving your work and turning it in?

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