Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Danny Baker in UFO film

Les sent me this one. An amazing film of a ufo to silence the sceptics. This is the most compelling evidence yet look 100% genuine you can see the whole geometric thing of it:

You can see the full shape of them, and if you looks very carefully a few hunnert frames in then now you can see a photograph of celebrity TV chef Danny Baker (see tape below where he's debating the kaleidoscope as a distillate condensate in terms of "Dirac's hole" to think that if "Leominster" is introduced in the axiom(matrice) then it presents the geometrical necessity of movement in her shapes of non euclidean thinking) in one of the 'portholes'.


Poached Rubber Prawn & Egg Salad
Freshly cooked Levers – Marinere / Garlic
Prawn Cocktail with 'Special Cream' Sauce
Homemade Soup of the Face
Potato Skinheads with cheese & a nasty sour dip
Home Made Pate with Baldness
Garlic Mushrooms Vegetarian Gruel

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