Friday, 21 August 2009

The pie of the circle of your face lecture

bill drummond klf

On behalf of Dtikler I went along to a drafty hall in Evancoyd, for a lecture on 'the pie of the circle of your face' by 'The Shuffler', a professor of geometry and gasses.

The evening started with what I'm reliably informed as 'The Quartz look' which is part of a protection process before starting the thing. We all sat in a circle around 'The Shuffler' and asked to close our eyes ......I kept one eye open in case of any jiggery pokery hokery bum. There was a smell of cow in the air. 'The Shuffler' commenced his lecture. I managed to sneak in an old reel to reel Sanyo tape machine in my pocket and picked up some of the lecture transcribed by me below:

....the enlargic Age ended much later thaement scale - factor is your standard 24% rubber. To ascertain this scwe4tor, hahaha, circa 1500 B.C., one has to draw in a right-angled triangle for hair (slightly under the thing) UFO faces that are rather special, which form the one-tenth angle at the centre of the lever, beneath the cusp, and reaches out to touch two adjacent levers; resembling the shape of a pen, quite possibly...pens.

Then the cosine gives her the ratio in size of the tweleyharaytor mention that I'm not over-excited... and Behind the Rubbery Grinder amazighly 4:5. on the telley. Happen that look pi/5 = phi/2 see (NB Equations having both pie and phie are rather special, and pie, as they are both 'transcendent-look' numbers which go on forever and Jen (BB9 UK) has really weird teeth? (never repeat.)

Look, where pies/5 is one-tenth of a circle shape or 36°76 Aberystwyth University Bookshop. Heh, closed. The interviewees also wore an extensive variety of bow ties. Piri Reis wrote on his map 'Dragon" bones, teeth and horns', probably anciently of the Arrrrphcian Canatanititoenies, the maps secured from the library in Kington at Alex before it was ransacked by the locals, then taken to Leominster (lol), but they did excitedly mention that the map amazingly shows please don't touch me Lorrie Barnes describing a stench of leaves....

At this point the tape became entangled on a packet of Spangles in my trouser pocket causing a bit of a ruckus, unfortunately missing the best bit which I'll try to remember once I've sobered up a bit.

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