Friday, 30 January 2009

The Lost Pyramids of Mu


I was standing in the checkout at Kwiksave in Kington the other day, with my trolly full of cider and crisps, when I overheard snippets of a conversation between the listless looking checkout girl and a stressed out mum with a trolley full of frozen foods. They were discussing the lost ancient city of Mu, and in particular it's pyramids.

When my turn to pay had arrived I questioned her about the antiquarian Augustus Le Plungedonks translations, and whether she considered the ancient Mayan writing to be correct. She rolled her eyes and told me she considered that traces of this lost culture can actually be found on the Radnor Forest - the Powys equivalent of Area 51. This ancient civilization was said to be lavishly constructed of rubber and metal connecting rods, with crystal Hillage temples. This seems scientifically possible, and the locals tell of seeing tall, fairskinned, blue eyed, grey haired people drifting about in and around Cascob, definitely not local, and lights are seen over the forest like.

She started to tell me of the ruined pyramid in part of the forest when we were interrupted from behind by an impatient granny with a trolly full of Elastoplast. As I walked home I promised myself a trip to the forest to find and photograph this lost ancient relic. But for now, cider and Eastenders is pulling my levers...


  1. I think the female checkout technician is erroneously in error regarding the Plungedonks translation, which is a common Acadamedic blunder. If one compares the Rondorean word for Place of the High Steppers (Treadnriser) to the Maya word for Lizard of the Cenote (Matzamazda), one realizes the similarities to the English, rubber and rods. This slipshod train of reasoning is wont to ignore the fact that there are no Powys in Area 51. They are in fact in area 69, of which I have personal knowledge. Many of my best friends are of that persuasion.

    The young lady's conclusion should have been that the Lost Pyramids of Mu are lost, but perhaps she was rankled by the so-called granny from your behind. And knows who the granny really is...a grey haired Cascobean. Take heed my friend, they are everywhere.

  2. Hey I live in Kington and theres no Kwiksave its the Co-op now

  3. "Take heed my friend, they are everywhere."

    They are indeed, thank you for your concern, I shall be vigilant!