Friday, 9 January 2009

Alien Shape Meditation

Bill Drummond

Last night as I was shuffling back from the Spar supermarket in Kington - loaded up with a couple of bottles of cheap 2 litre 'Resonance Value Cider' and a copy of Cyril Basins 'The truth in shape'- I pondered our potential to initiate contact and communication with extra dimensional beings and alien falmers.

I have an idea that you can shift your point of perception or your 'energy alignment pipe' to a state in which you can believe and perceive things that are normally not perceivable or believable.

If we are able to shift our alignments, look with our eyes in the direction of extraterrestrial contact (towards Leominster), we are able to experience that, though you´d have to be willing to go from 'level 7' to 'level 8' and an alien or farmer would have to be able to go from a 'level 7' down to nines, sevens or the Five Multi-Dimensional Magic Stickers of Ascension. This would allow for seeing each other and interacting via levers.

This 'transformation of your inner valves' is accomplished through a mixture of heavy ritualistic cider drinking, cumulative insulation, creative farming, mind tractors and an unwavering belief in things that aren't really there.

Have I been able to initiate alien or outer county contact this way? Oh aye. I will tell you my experiences look another time. Meanwhile I have a good book and some fabulous drink to consume, and it's almost dark.


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