Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Elvis Stones

I was sent this photo by Bryn Edwards from Pontypridd. He tells me:

"We were coming back from The Crown Inn late one night in 1996, on our way to a mates place (with a few take-outs) in Kinnerton. There were a few of us staying, including members of the Kinnerton School of Existential Phenomenology Studies. We'd had a good night, a few pints, but there'd been a bit of a debate in the pub with another local, who favoured the transcendental phenomenological approach. For us, phenomenological reduction means leading phenomenological vision back from the apprehension of a being, whatever may be the character of that apprehension, to the understanding of the Being of this being (projecting upon the way it is unconcealed kind of thing). A bout of arm wrestling soon proved us right though. Anyway, as we walked along the lane we thought we'd take a photo of the Radnor Four Stones in the moonlight. It was a bit spooky, and my mate Reg said he's seen a figure with a horn, but I thought he were mucking about like. Anyway, when I got me photos back from Boots there was this one with, I think, ghosts in it."

Personally I can't see nothing strange about it, but the enlargement does show some very slight facial characteristics. I have humorously titled him 'Elvis', and for a bit of fun, have altered the local ley map on my wall to now read 'The Elvis Stones'. It's only a bit of fun, and my guess is that Bryn and the lads were having a lark, using lambing torches, a curtain, and possibly some levers to achieve the spooky photographic effect.


  1. It's fun to look at (no matter whether it's a spoof or not). Thank you for sharing. :D

  2. Loving your blog.
    Personally, I think the Elvis thing is bunk. What I'm seeing is the virgin Mary.

  3. Thanks everyone. Bryn's also sent me a few mp3's - one I particularly like is called 'Techniques for yourn Spiritual Alignment' by 'Stan & the Llandovery Vibrational Frequency Society'. It sounds a bit like Hawkwind, but with ABBA singing on it, so I might put it up here at some point.

  4. I always thought Elvis now resided on the moon?

    At least that was what the Sunday Sport claimed...

  5. Well if Elvis was alive I bet he would be stoned so it kinda makes sense!

    Jigsaw's Lair

  6. No, no, I thought Elvis was living in a trailer park in the back woods of Mississippi. Boy, was I wrong!