Monday, 20 July 2009

Aliens making crop circle video

I bumped into Wynn Price in The Chocolate Box yesterday who alerted me to this video:

UFO buffys are studying a film that allegedly was taken by shocked locals on a farm near the town of Sorayaspace in the Spanish province of Kingtony. It is believed to have been filmed fairly recently.

The Video (below) shows alleged aliens burning a field after what appears to be a crop circle magic session. At least three extraterrestrials are seen in the footage. It is unknown how the alleged aliens got to the field as no UFO can be seen anywhere on him.

UFO and paranormal expert Michael Joel Rosen comments "This has the stench of a hoax. The alien silhouettes do look like rather typical Axthadans from a distance but that is hardly surprising as notions of Axthadan features have been circulating around Leominster for years."

"When will hoaxers realize that footage that ends with a camera pointing pointlessly at the ground while its owner pants for breath don’t make things appear more realistic" concluded a grumpy Rosen.

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