Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The alien monolith inside Stonehenge

Another one from Les, he sent me this. I think he's been looking on the internet:

"Some local farmers returned from a visit of the mysterious Stonehenge geometrical tin. They went as it's something to see. Wilf and Ada my dearest friends were fascinated and awed at this immense rubbery structure. It is always good to go see these mysterious places for yourself and not just on the telly with a can. Wilf and Ada discovered something not seen in many of their telly programmes and paranormal DVD's and tapes. They took a photographic picture of it and sent it to my barn in Cascob. (n.b. Les didn't attach the picture but I'll ring him up for it look)

They have an idea that Arthur C. Clarke's movie 2001 Star Trek is real. They saw one of the dark Monolith tins on the programme inside one of the little Sarsen stones, hiding in him like a glass horse behind a curtain.

In his film this Monolith boy had been on Earth in the very dawn of mankind, long before Kington was even built. Stonehenge's age goes way back before 1732. How could this giant tin get embedded into him and then transported to the thing? Tractors weren't around then look.

Stonehenge was used possibly as an alignment machine and a space calculator for aliens and giants. Stonehenge has bits positioned that show where Leominster and Hereford are at key times of the year (Leominster in particular is known to 'wander'). It's all about local council resources.

One wonders if this is a massive stone lever provided to the Ancient people of Stonehenge by Arthur C. Clarke."

One wonders about your sanity Les.


  1. "One wonders about your sanity Les"

    So, can you explain why some of these stones have another structure inside of them? You can find pics of it all over the net now. Yet even with said evidence, whether circumstantial or not, you assume it is false for seemingly no reason whatsoever and then question his sanity? I think the only insane individual here is the author of this article.