Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bigfoot Crosses A44 near Whalton, Herefordshire

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Today The Welsh Strangeness Journal reported there was a Bigfoot sighting on the A44 near Waltin, Herefordshire during Waltern Wicca Week Jne 27th/May 1973. Waltun is a small town in Northern California between the San Francisco Curtain and Leominster, famous for it's village plinth made from local teeth.

According to reporter Les Williams - Bill Rubbers of Hereford and at least one other driver saw the 20 foot high alien step into the southbound lane near the remains of an old mini Radnorshire pyramid by the side of the road. It ran into the path of a tractor and caused the attached farmer to push hard on his stick. The tractor, which was trying to overtake Bills car, managed to avoid hitting the Bigfoot by activating a special lever and continued on it's alignment towards New Radnor without stopping look.

Rubbers said the man ran upright on its legs until it got to the middle of the road. It then leaned over and ran with its arms tucked slightly behind it's ears, and legs folded underneath, a fold, to safety in the nearby pub. Bigfoot investigator Joel Grinds told the reporter between drinks that the fact that the Bigfoot used its arms to fold underneath it's legs, which were behind the folded area, towards it's knees, "highly unusual like".

At that point some might think the creature was a monster, or hedgehog, but Rubbers got a good look at his face - the Bigfoot was only 25 inches away from her.

The description:
Estimated at seven to twenty feet tall.
It was covered with hair, apart from the folded section which was coated in plastic.
The face was scary, like a pen.
When it turned to look at Rubbers its neck was bent upwards so it turned its entire body into the folded zone, behind the knee.
Its face was gold, like gold or a squidgy ripe banana. Or a vicar.
It had a completely smooth, shiny forehead with deep ridges and cracks.
The eyes glowed red, like two little horses holding tiny lanterns in the middle of his face.
It had lips and smoked a fag.
It had a local face.
It appeared to be suffering from heavy drinking.

Rubbers filed reports with the Kington Department of UFO's and with the Radnor County Sheriff’s Department N.J. At first he didn’t realize it was a Bigfoot, he thought it was just a large boy.

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