Monday, 13 July 2009

Michael Jackson 'evaporates'

Michael Jackson

From the first reports of Michael Jackson's death, the perhaps inevitable conspiracy theories began taking his shape across the interwebs. Farming blogs, Twitter, local forums and agricultural networking sites have been buzzing with increasingly absurd theories. Or maybe they're not so absurd...

Even as Jackson was being taken to hospital in Los Angeles, L.A. California local blogger Wynn Trumpet wrote: "Jacko pulled a similar stunt when he was getting ready for a BBQ special in '65 when he 'evaporated' in rehearsals in nearby Lyonshall village hall. He was dragging his heels on that one just like his upcoming 50 date residency starting at the Farmers Arm in presteigne".

He went on: "Either he's hiding behind a curtain or making himself invisible using his magic stick, but we're curious to see if he turns up look".

The post was later taken down by angry local resident Betty Dartboard of Cascob.

Many theories claim the star faked his death to escape his increasingly deranged Radnorshire fan club, 'The Michael Jackson Conkers'.

"I think he's had enough of the old boys around here sending him turnips wrapped up in rubber sheets, so he fakes his death see, assumes a new identity and disappears in a puff of gas" read one post on the Radnorshire Farmers Network Society Forum.

It has been suggested that Michael can now be found farming, near Leominster.

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