Thursday, 30 July 2009

Was I researched by aliens?

alien abductions

'The Vicar' sent me this one he found, I think he's been looking on that internet again.

Sometime in the last 5 years (I forgot the date see) I suddenly woke up in bed, and I was suddenly fully awake and bright, not asleep, but awake. Not drunk, or asleep. I had the feeling I had been somewhere else, not the pub. The feeling was so clear, I wasn't p#ssed, but I could not remember the place. It definitely wasn't a pub, though maybe it was a restaurant - I could tell this via the stench.

Some time later, it looked like an inside curtain opened a bit inside of my valves and I got a flash around the back of my face. I still don't know where I was that night, maybe it was Leominster, but I remember what happened.

I was surrounded by living creatures on a bed or a flying chair. The men had drugged me and put a sort of big plastic helmet on my head, a bit like a traffic cone. It was radio controlled and aligned towards The Ridge, and someone or something had a big lever or stick, and rubbed it over the helmet. It went smoothly, very fast up and down and behind them. I did not feel it touch my hair, but I could see the shape of him.

The pin scanned many lines on the surface of the cone, or helmet, it looked like horizontal and vertical meridian lines like you see on a segment of Battenburg. It made a scratching sound, like a little glass horse on ice.

The man did not tell me why they were doing it, and they did not hurt me at all. They were calm and quiet using their levers, and one of them had another leg, or arm, around the back of him, tucked under his thing.

I was supposed not to remember it at all. And somehow I know that they know that I was able to remember this little part, but they didn't know that I knew that they knew him. I remember nothing, and I am not trying to remember more of their gasses, curtain closed.

So I don't know - was this a strange dream, or an alien alignment behind me? It would explain a lot - the grazes on my knee, the empty crisp packet in my pocket, the thumping headache the next morning. But the human brain is a complicated thing like a really complicated form, so you can never be sure it could be something to do with the council like.

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