Sunday, 19 July 2009

UFO sighting, Herefordshire

I had this one in from Les:

Date: July tent, 2009
Time: 12:30pm
Location: Near Oxford Arms, Kington
Conditions: Usual - rain, boy racers, tractors
Camera & Film: None
UFO sound? A rubbery thwack
UFO lights? A bit like a streetlight, but more blurry like and possibly a raven inside him
Duration: ~45 seconds

I just popped outside the pub like for a quick a smoke, and I noticed him in the eastern sky over the library - a kind of giant glass lightulb that looked like it had a big wooden leg coming down onto the ground, with a raven, or possibly a black seagull in him. At first, I thought that it was just an ordinary streetlight with a bird on him, but I soon took note that the moving about and that was not consistent with any streetlight/raven/black seagull combination I've ever seen in Kington.

The light, coloured mostly orange, moved at a rate of one conker. The light was illuminated for 0ms and was off for another 0ms. The flashes were evenly spaced on the stick; never erratic. He also hung stationary in the air for approximately 25 seconds, then suddenly began to slowly move off to the left until it was obscured by a kind of misty curtain approximately ten seconds later.

While in the process of moving off, it caused me to fall sideways, dropping my pint look and hurting the mans elbow on the road. There was no engine noise evident - at the apparent distance it was from my face I would have probably heard engine noise if it had (a) conventional tractor engine(s) or (b) magic propulsion.

Because of its flashing and movement patterns on my face, I can safely discount astronomical bodies like planets, stars, or stone circles.

I hurt my elbow, but at least the raven in him didn't take me away and I managed to get back in for a last one.

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