Saturday, 4 July 2009

Haunted Hereford underpants

harry tuffins knighton

The Primar shop is located on Hereford's Wideface Street and has hunnerts of locals in and out and past it's curtains every day like, but there's a lot of spooky ghostis and UFO's inside him. The shop is known to stand on the site of where the Giant Thing hotel previously was, which was a small, old, black wooden box that was a popular public convenience to many local old boys passing via tractor in the 1600's.

They say that a graveyard occupied the site before the Giant Thing was built. Possibly a stone circle or two, and in the centre, aligned facing North to Leominster, a giant alabaster plinth with a picture or photograph of a horse on it. Of course, this is just what the locals say, so there may be no reality in this.

The shop itself is massive compared to what you get around Kington, and I regularly go there for socks and undergarmenture. The ghosts and alien beings that frequent this shop live in the stock room and special alignments office.

The ghost of a farmer has been seen wandering around on numerous occasions, and the staff have given him the name Nigel Touchy. One member of staff who met the ghost was so upset and traumatised by the rubbings that she left her job altogether, although some say she had been drinking and was going to get the boot anyway as they were fed up with her.

It is also believed that Nigel travels through the shops next door (via a special cosmic magic curtain of the sort that derren brown carries around for his tricks like) - the levers shop which is one shop down also has a ghostly man in her shop who occasionally visits and he has the same stench, although he sometimes appears at 20% actual size.

The shop one door away from Primar on the left, just past the thing with the brown stick also has a ghost of a man trapped in the basement, so it could be the same ghost travelling in between all three of these shops. Or it might be a different one see. They have nicknamed this one Harry Cups.

The Giant Thing hotel it had a reputation for being one of Herefords most violent pubs now, and coaches left the hotel daily travelling to Leominster in 1807 carrying old tat. Mr Tony Evans was victualler in 1827 and in 1909 a Wynn Rickety was head of the hotel. He lasted nearly 70 years until Mrs. Amy Levers arrived waving her magic triangle pointy in 1976. Lulu also expressed an interest. The Giant Thing was demolished in the 1960's, and sadly nothing is now left of him, apart from a damp patch in the corner by the gents trousers and some gasses near the bras.

They should get the Most Haunted crew in to investigate, but they wouldn't come, too scared of having her hair touched by Nigel.

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