Monday, 29 December 2008

The Cascob Norris Circle Experience

bill drummond

I bumped into old Ken Chittings, having a fag break outside the Queens Head on Saturday night. We got talking about astral states, and he told me he'd had quite a few interesting things happen during meditations in his barn up near the quarry at Walton. He said even when he's awake he's 'had visitations from the aliens/grays', although 'they might have been from Leominster'.

He's a member of the Radnor Forest Secret Alignment School, based up near Cascob. I'm not that keen - they're a bit funny.

One experience brought what he called a 'Norris Circle'. He goes on to say: "I wasn't focusing on Norris, or, anything really, as I'd had a few. Just meditating like. Suddenly the room was filled with a wunnerful blue glow, not a light blue like a sky blue, darker, like a darker blue. Not light blue, it was darker than that. Lit from within as if some old farmer was standing behind her with a lambing torch and some levers. A bridge into another alignment appeared, some mist and curtains in the background look. There was a funny Chinese smell to everything, and a bit of shakey shake. And then Norris appeared - all blue. Or might have been red. I heard him speak to me - he was very clear. He told me that he is appearing to me as Norris, but there really is no Norris. That I, and others, aren't ready to see what's behind her - what Norris really represents. He's appearing as Norris to me, he told me, so as not to frighten me, but to be aware that there is much more than we think going on like...."

He carried on with this thread for a while longer but I didn't catch the rest of what he said. My thoughts were drifting as I noticed a strange orange glow starting to appear - lighting up the dark December sky towards the western edge of town, in the direction of Hergest. Time to follow the High Street ley for a last pint at The Swan....or maybe go via Kwiksave...

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