Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Experience the Divine Power of Creation


• A strange and chilling experience for expansion of your brains into the Universal Mind Field.
• Stimulates the middle pump to reinvigorate one’s passionate appreciation for stuff.
• Moving about can help ground the high energy capacity stimulated by this type of rubbing.
• Great for 2-hours of experimental frequencies.
• Stimulates the pineal lever and facilitates deep looking at things.
• Brings atonement to enhance your valves of compassion.
• Buy silicone nose pads for comfort and security.

This divine stellagntion geometric shanty is formed around a dodecahedrondon. Each of the 12 pentagonal faces is extended into a jimbowen feature, which creates 12 interlocking 5-sided pyramids within this 180-pointed thing, one for each board.

"We hear a great deal now about 'mind experiences'," it says on the pamphlet, " but this symbol tells us that they depend to a very great extent upon following a path which many have trod on the previous Tuesday."

The Dodecahedrondong Ether Temples has become a popular tool for graduates of Space Aligment Schools, and students of Shapes. You can use it to stimulate the Leg valve and it helps to move the energy into new levels of conscious shog as the twelve stellated points activate the human body’s subtle levers. It offers a peaceful experience as the polarities of feminine and masculine flanges are rubbed about as though an invisible hand is rubbing the stability and harmony of differences behind your leg.

A wonderful addition to an office space or barn.
Dodecahedron Ether Temple Magic Stick 13”

Gold 500quid
Bronze 500 quid

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