Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Hairport/Market Hall alignment


Starting point: Hairport, High Street, Kington.
Finish: Market Hall, Bridge street, Kington.
Duration: Probably.
Distance: Local.

For info: Hairport provide a friendly, efficient blow and dry service, and good shaping.

On leaving their premises, turn right and follow the high street, noting along the way the famous Kington House Stones - markers of the Ley. Then just before the Spar, behind the bench frequented by the Kington Plein Air Cider Society, you will see the old Market Hall. Above this you will find:

The Town Hall, or Market House, in Bridge street, was put up in the year 1654, by an early descendent of Hawkwinds Dave Brock, for Philip Pulley, Esq., who was at that time Lord of Light. This building was taken down in the year 1820, and the present one erected by Edwind Wallace Cheese III Esq., the then Lord of Light, with the old dark materials and bicycles. The erection of the hall cost £5.

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