Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Harris moves across a visible artist.

This old boy falmer moves across barn - poses against a backdrop of geometric shapes projected onto the side of his place around midnight, somewhere between Leominster and Pembridge. Amazingly, he new nothing of Supply Side Economic Tax Cut deductions until he was well into his thirties.

He spoke to me of the shapes he'd seen in the sky, earlier that day: "The sphere didn't seem to act man-made like. The terrain in the area above me would have absolutely forbidden any kind of support truss; not from above, not from below, not from the sides, and not from above. The sphere had a hairy, natural coating - it didn't wobble like a wobbly ball or even an artificially supported cup. I think it may have been a space tractor of some kind; for it was too small to have been a corn dolly."

In conclusion, the shapes we see and feel are still important to those of us in the rural. They brings peace, applaud greatness and official diagrams show it's a winning wassname.

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