Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Powys paint it black

It seems that my thoughts regarding links between Powys County Council and the Olde Radnorshire Remote Society were valid, and not the 'nonsensical rumblings of some deranged falmer' as has been suggested by in Tom Lloyney, of Painscastle in his recent communication.

The library in Llandrindod contains many teachings regarding the aforementioned Society, their connections, and ancient alignment practices of, according to some, arcane nature. But this is not the time to reveal their intricacies. Suffice to say that the recent council induced 'blackout' has provided the R.R.S. sufficient opportunity to indulge their obscure 17th century alignment configurations - safe from discovery by illumination.

I have noticed many subtle changes on the waysides, and can feel the earth energies have been stirred up like. I can feel this in my mind, on an astral level, and also in my body - via it's magnetic connections and levers.

We shall speak more about this at a later date.

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